Crafting Menu not working, including the Demo scene.

I finally made it to making my first Crafting item. Unfortunately, I had a null reference error. I chased it to the Interactable script, but everything seemed to be fine. I tried the crafting menu on the Demo scene, had the same error. I made a brand new project with nothing installed but TMP and Ultimate inventory, again, upon trying to activate the crafting menu, the same error. The interactable Script without Auto Interact, leads to a refence on the player. The Interactable script using auto interact leads to the error being on the Interactable script. I tried to show everything in pictures. OPSIVE HELP 02.pngOPSIVE HELP 03.pngOPSIVE HELP 04.pngOPSIVE HELP 05.png
This is a known bug that should have been fixed in the last update,

Check out this post that contains the fix:

I'm very sorry for the inconvinience