Collision with other characters


For some reason my characters are not colliding anymore. I am trying to use my own layers etc. I don't know if you can see in the pic but my character is not colliding with the weird robot char. I know somewhere in the hundreds of settings I am missing something. In the UCC Collisions->Collider Layer Mask I am to understand that is the colliders on the parent not what it collides with. I am also to understand that the Unity physics collision matrix is ignored since the UCC is kinematic. So where do I set what things the UCC can collide with? I have already set the Enemy Layers as Enemy Layers in the Character Layer Manager.

EDIT: Of course right after posting this I get it. I had to set the Enemy Layer as a Solid Object Layer in the Character Layer Manager. Of course also do the opposite for the enemy colliding with me. I am certain I read this in the docs, but of course it takes a bit to sink in.
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