Character keeps climbing without input


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My character won't stop climbing. I can change direction with the movement keys, w/s. But releasing them does not stop the character from continuing to climb in the direction they were going. The demo works perfectly and I have triple checked my ladder and LadderClimb ability is setup the same as the demo. I confirmed that the inputVector variable in LadderClimb.Update is 0.

My character does not use root motion. I tried turning Root motion off on the LadderClimb ability, but then my character just uses the climbing animation while moving horizontally along the ground.

The issue appears to be that the ability index does not change from 501 when the movement key is released.

I only started playing with the climbing pack tonight and so I don't have much insight into what might be causing this.

Thx in advance.

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The ladder climb ability does require root motion so the character knows when to stop on each rung. Do you have a full body character? Does it work in the demo scene?
Sorry, this problem was caused by a bug in custom code that never let the Horizontal movement go below the threshold 0.001 check. So the animator transition to stop climbing didn't trigger.