[Bug] Impact on transparent surfaces (HDRP) and Z Fighting


I have a problem with shooting transparent surfaces in HDRP.

2. 2019.4
3. I have the default pistol setup which has a surface impact set to Bullet and when I shoot my transparent glass it leaves this impact


4. The material Im shooting at is using HDRP Lit shader and has base color set to black with Alpha = 85. Everything else is from the default pistol setup.

The other problem that I have no matter if the surface Im shooting at is transparent or not is that when I shoot the same place more than once there is Z fighting because the bullet holes are positioned very closely.


Staff member
HDRP is not officially supported yet, mainly because of the first person perspective but little things like this will also need to be added in. In this case though it sounds like it's a shader issue so you should be able to update the materials.