Boolean order placement affecting behavior traversal


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I'm unable to get a portion of a behavior tree to work, seemingly due to the placement of a Boolean value.

Not sure what's going on. Note the difference in the below pictures is only the placement of the Boolean value and the sequences below it do not rely on said value. Also to note that the wait timer seems to be the one that doesn't like the placement of the value.


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It's tough to say just by looking at those screenshots but I recommend using conditional aborts to start with. Also I do not recommend calling Start/Restart within your behavior tree if you are calling it on the same behavior tree. Your tree should instead be designed so it flows without needing to call those tasks.


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I think I figured this out. The Boolean that was being set was the Boolean that the conditional evaluator was looking for as well. I was thinking as if it were an if statement... and when the condition was met, I'd just set the Boolean to false... instead, as soon as I set it to false the condition was no longer true, thus the behavior stopped running before it was able to finish.

I've had to rework a bit of the behavior, but it seems to work pretty nice now that I'm not telling it to cancel itself. :p