Best way to set data after an abort

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Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out the best way to set some data into the class that runs the behaviour tree after an abort happens. For example, after my Idle subtree is finished because the Combat subtree aborted it (by detecting an enemy for example), I want to run always a task node that changes the movement speed. One option is at the beginning of the subtree, but since I have specific info about all the subtrees, I would need to change a bunch of values that maybe are not modified. So, what I want to achieve is just like an OnEnd task node for a subtree, or something similar. So far I haven't seen any specific way to do it, any help with this?



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Unfortunately there isn't a good way to handle this situation. For the Ultimate Character Controller integration I reset the data at the start of the branch even though it may not necessarily need it.