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    [Bug] Null Reference Exception when interacting with the blacksmith in demo scene

    Sorry I don't know why the code didn't get pasted properly This is the line you want: if(m_GridFilters[i] == null || m_GridFilters[i] == this){ continue; }
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    [Bug] Null Reference Exception when interacting with the blacksmith in demo scene

    I'm very sorry about that. I usually test out the demo scene and the editors each time we make an update. I don't know how that slipped through. Please add a null check on line 299 of the CraftingMenuBase.cs script: if(m_GridFilters == null || m_GridFilters == this){ continue; } That should...
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    [Bug] Having items manually assigned in a character's inventory before launching leads to Hash Value leaks

    We have a custom serializer for most of the data. So my first assumption seeing this is that either we are saving duplicate data, or we are keeping outdated data in addition the the new data. It's either that or Unity is also doing something in the background causing our serialized data to do...
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    Prefab with pickup success

    You cannor reference things in a scene from a prefab, that's just how unity works. Instead you can write a custom script that sits on the prefab. This way you don't have to set the on pickup success each time. You just di it once in the prefab set the your custom component and then you set the...
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    Quantity number vs individual slots in inventory

    Your categories can be mutable/immutable and unique/common To set items in a stack with quantity in a single slot they need to be common Read the following pages for more information:
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    Basic things.

    Sorry I don't know why I wasn't notified about your second message. Also I'm currently on Holiday so reponses are slower than usual. What virtual button system are you using? Is it a third party asset or something you made yourself? In any case, you'll need a custom script. When press the...
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    Crafting Recipe

    1) So what I would do is before the game starts make a dictionary of <ItemDefinition, CraftingRecipe>. Where the ItemDefinition is the result of the Crafting Recipe. You can do this by looping through all the crafting recipes in the InvetorySystemManager or InventorySystemDatabase. This way...
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    The Xbox controller in the ultimate inventory cannot release fireballs and cannot use the item shortcut bar

    That's as expected. In the demo scene we've set the input for the hotbar to "Equip Equipment First" which doesn't have a controller input. But you can very easily add one. Simply change the input name or add a new input with the same name but setup for controller: As for the fire ball not...
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    Calling Update in item module

    Also for update, you can use the IModuleUseItemUpdate interface. This will call a UseItemUpdate() function on the module. This function is called every frame while the item is being used. We don't have an event for update. Only FixedUpdate and LateUpdate. If you need one for update too we'll...
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    Calling Update in item module

    The OnLateUpdate function comes from the ItemAction the module is on. So it will be executed as long as the ItemAction is active. If you don't want to listen to the event while the module is disabled what you could do is unregister from the event in disable (now that it works as expected). Or...
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    Calling Update in item module

    How are you disabling the Module? It seems that doing in through the Inspector doesn't work becaue it sets the m_Enabled field directly through reflection without calling the OnDisable() function. I changed the code to fix that. In the CharacterItemActionInspector.cs script at line 426 add...
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    grid is empty

    Then I'm afraid we don't have something that does what you want out of the box. You could try to implement a solution for yourself. If you can explain step by step in detail how you want it to work I might be able to guide you to the right place were you can edit or override the code to make...
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    Questions about the ultimate inventory UI navigation

    We have a component that automatically sets the navigation for Grid. It is called "Layout Group Navigation". Either remove it or disable it, then you will be able to set the navigation explicitly:
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    Unknown Error

    I'm glad you figured out the issue :)
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    Unknown Error

    The error you are getting now seems to be unrelated the the first issue. So that means we're making progress. The error at Points to an ItemViewSlot being null. That normally shouldn't be possible as we are using GetComponentsInChildren which should return the ItemViewSlot. Add this error log...