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    Hotbar Setup

    Yes all your UI should be under the same Panel Manager at least for now. I'll add an option that lets you use the item hotbar from another Canvas. The action panel might not appear because the Action Panel is somwhere else? I don't see it on your hotbar panel. It might be a reference in the...
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    Item connection to grid and description

    So there are a few issues with your setup 1) The "Item Binding" component has nothing to do with the UI. It is used to bind attribute values to properties on component within the same game object. Example it can be used to change the attack value of a weapon script for when you attack 2) You...
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    Custom Crafter

    I've made the change, but it may take a few days for us to upload the fix. You can try it out and let me know if it fixes the issue first. In the CraftingMenu.cs script replace the Draw Recipes method by this: protected void DrawRecipes() {...
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    Ucc_v.2.2.7 Integration Uis_v.1.1.1

    The way the integration works right now is that it spawns all the items that equippable on the character, then the character actually switches the equipped item by moving & activating/deactivating the equippable items. We will look into improving this in the future such that users can have more...
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    Hotbar Setup

    .... I don't see anything wrong ... Could you rewrite from scratch the panel name on the panel and the item action? I'm suspecting either that there is an invisible space somewhere or that Unity somehow is getting confused with the serialization. Also could send me a screenshot of the Display...
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    Custom Crafter

    I will think of a solution during the week. It'll probably require some changes in UIS. As for using your code in UIS that's not something you should try to do. It is possible if you add your assembly definition in ours, but that change will be consistantly reset each time you update the asset...
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    Custom RecipePanel

    Very good catch! I usually set everything to protected to make it easier for people to inherit and modify the code. I'm not sure why the m_Recipe was private. I made the field protected and added some public getter properties in case someone wants to access those values externally. It'll be...
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    Ucc_v.2.2.7 Integration Uis_v.1.1.1

    Interesting, those all look like good solutions to me, I might look into something similar. Just one note I don't think you should be using this: foreach (ItemHotbar itemHotbar in Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(typeof(ItemHotbar))) Instead I would find the PanelManager -> Item Hotbar Panel ->...
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    Ucc_v.2.2.7 Integration Uis_v.1.1.1

    Thank you for reporting this bug, I've actually already fixed it,excatly how you mentioned, it will be part of the v1.1.2 update which should come out either this week or the next. I'm glad you're enjoying UIS and UCC :)
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    Documentation Error ???

    I apologize for the confusion. I indeed meant "Main Manager" and not "Menu Manager toolbar". It has now been updated in the web documentation
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    Custom Crafter

    So for your use case you do not even need to create a custom Crafter. But if you did you should inherit the Crafter class, instead of duplicating it. Example public class CustomCrafter : Crafter { [SerializeField] protected string m_CustomField; } As you can see it keeps the custom...
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    Text Alignment

    One other user experienced a similar issue. I haven't been able to reproduce it. My guess is that you have changed the text mesh pro default font asset or maybe simply have a different version of Unity/Text Mesh Pro. Something else I would try is set up the game view to 1080p If nothing...
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    Hotbar Setup

    Sorry it took a while to get things back and running, I'm sure it will be worth it though. I'm assuming you had a warning/error in your console? If an Item Action does not appear in the action options panel that usually means the item category does not match the category set on the action set...
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    Lock hot bar item definition types?

    It is possible with a script that could add those items at the start of the game. //This is about to be deprecated itemHotbar.AssignItemToSlot( itemInfo, slotIndex ); //Instead use this. hotbarItemViewSlotContainer.AddItem( itemInfo, slotIndex ); Would the player always have these items in...
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    Item actions -- how to adjust these?

    Everything you did is correct, most likely the error you mentioned in the previous post is preventing the action from being shown on screen. I would highly recommend you duplicate the IntegrationDemoCategoryItemActions asset as it is a scriptable object in the demo folder. Updating the demo...