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    [Bug] Bugs found within the last two months. (Since v1.2.10)

    Thank you very much for the detailed bug reports, I believe some of them have been fixed in the last two releases. But some are completely new to me. I'll add all of them to my list of TODOs. Hopefully I'll get them fixed by the next update or the one after that :)
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    Equip Scroll not working on startup - custom character

    No the MultiItemSetRule is no essential, you didn't miss any tutorial. All it does is combine multiple rules into one scritpable object so that you can easily reuse it over multiple character if you want to. My guess is that your rules were not set properly to switch between items. I would...
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    Equip Scroll not working on startup - custom character

    I'm checking the code but I don't see anything wrong. Could you send me a screen shot of your ItemSets at runtime? out of curiosity do you have a default ItemSet (we have Body in the demo)? Also are you scrolling up or down? and is the ItemSet you are trying to scroll to valid? Do you have an...
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    Version 3 Demo Scene - Switching between single and dual pistols leads to single pistol not being able to fire

    Thank you for reporting this bug I've added it to the list. I hope to get them fixed by the next update, if not, the one after that (we're doing multiple updates per week)
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    Integration with Ultimate Inventory System

    It should be up now. Do let me know if you continue having issues
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    Closing the inventory panel opens the previous chest panel

    Ah sorry I missed that, I was able to replicate it in the demo scene. Here is a quick fix within the ConfirmCancelPanel.cs until I find a better solution /// <summary> /// The confirm button was clicked. /// </summary> protected virtual void ClickedConfirm() { m_PressedConfirm =...
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    Dragging items to the correct collection

    The drag and drop work with DropCondition and Actions. The Smart drop action is usually enough for most cases, but it is possible you may need a custom drop action. Have a look at this page...
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    Closing the inventory panel opens the previous chest panel

    Interesting... In your Display Panel Manager do you have a gameplayPanel defined? Is the Gameplay panel setup like this?
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    Integration with Ultimate Inventory System

    It would seem you don't have the latest integration package. ObjectFieldWithNestedInspector is now called NestedInspectedObjectField I'm going to re-export the integration and reupload it just in case the version on the website has somehow reverted to a previous version
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    [Demo Scene] ParticleStream doesn't work, Audio plays only the first time

    Thanks for reporting this, I'm adding this to my list of bugs to fix in the next update.
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    Instant Crafting

    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you perhaps refering to using Canvas Groups with the option to turn thing non-interactable?
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    Instant Crafting

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly. But if you mean preventing the player from pressing button in the background when there it a popup. An easy solution is to add a transparent Image to your popup that fills up the entire screen. this should prevent clicks from going through.
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    Version 3 bugs reporting Thread

    Thank you for the detailed bug report. I was able to reproduce it easily with those steps. I've added it to the list of things to fix
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    Instant Crafting

    Are you using a custom Crafting Menu or are you modifiying the existing code? If you you are making a custom one you can override public virtual void DoCraft(int quantity) Then you should be able to cal your code to audio if there isn't enough ingredients. if you are modifying the existing...
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    How to save and load custom meta data info?

    The code below is the saver meta data I made for the unreleased AdventureKit (I haven't tested it in a few months so things could be different). namespace Opsive.AdventureKit { using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using Opsive.Shared.Game; using Opsive.StatSystem...