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    Asset Store download Third Person Controller is 2.2.8, It's not the latest version

    I see. I use the unity version 2018.4, Just change to a new version of unity
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    Adventure Kit WIP

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    Ultimate Inventory System WIP

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    How to save with Grid Index?

    How to save with Grid Index? Maintain a consistent grid index save this load, How the same save
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    attack objects

    and ai will actively attack Barrel
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    attack objects

    Hope to add attack objects, such as turrets, etc.
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    I'm working on...

    me too
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    Deathmatch AI Kit Released on the Opsive Store

    I will buy all opsive content follow you
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    Deathmatch AI Kit Released on the Opsive Store

    Purchased, good items continue
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    actions[i] as InvokableAction == null

    // TODO: Version 2.1.5 adds another OnObjectImpact parameter. Remove the above event later once there has been a chance to migrate over. EventHandler.ExecuteEvent(closestRaycastHit.transform.gameObject, "OnObjectImpact", damageAmount, closestRaycastHit.point, fireDirection * m_ImpactForce *...
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    VirtualControls Touchpad Look sensitivity difference

    Hi, Justin Mobile VirtualControls Touchpad with Mouse X/Y, Look sensitivity bug. if Hierarchy select Nolan Character, so Look speed Very fast, else Hierarchy no select , Look speed slow. it speed difference is several times. Above test UnityInput, ControlFreak, EasyTouch, Rewired, There is this...