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    height change not working

    Just to add to this. I got the same issue updating to 2.2.7 (unity2019.4.14f1). Easily reproduced in a clean install by plugging a controller in. It persists with a unity update to 16f1. This is happening with a generic 360 controller that has always worked before so I dont think this is down to...
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    Can't seem to walk up or down stairs...

    Put a ramped collider on your stairs on a raycast ignoring layer (iirc transparentFX is one such layer). Your capsule will collide with this, whilst your foot ik will use the stair colliders. Most staircase assets are too steep for the UCC max step height = half of collider radius rule. Happy to...
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    Created Characters "slouch"

    Another possibility is the character foot ik, maybe hip offsets (probably not what they are called) +/- capsule size. I know i am being very vague, but this is from old memories of seeing this. If the animation alone plays fine with your model in the animation preview window, then it could be...
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    Camera Jitter

    Is it really mouse if demo scene works fine? Probably something else
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    Real Blood

    This looks great, thanks. I'm going to wait and see if the real blood dev does SRP support before trying as they don't seem to have good reputation in the reviews and I dont have the time to do myself right now. Really appreciate you sharing your integration though.
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    I can't download integration for UFPS !!!

    If the invoice number begins "IN" do not add those letters
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    When use "New Input System" with UCC?

    Well justin get permission to 'pinch' this, so maybe he will make an official variant.
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    When use "New Input System" with UCC?

    Does this help
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    how can my abilities work when I swim

    I assume your watch ability has a higher priority than swim in the ability list? maybe it is simply a case of making it a concurrent ability? I haven't done much first person stuff, but is your watch animation also restricted to the arm layer?
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    [BUG?] MoveTowards timeout

    UCC 2.2.3, Unity 2019.4 Marking as a 'bug', whilst the code is functioning correctly, i would not expect this as the desired outcome. Line 266 of MoveTowards is: if (m_CharacterLocomotion.Velocity.sqrMagnitude == 0 && m_CharacterLocomotion.Torque.eulerAngles.sqrMagnitude == 0) { This is the...
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    puppetmaster interigation
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    Making interactables more versatile?

    I am wondering if there is an easy way to make interactables more versatile? (I am quite new to using them so it could be my use scenario that is suboptimal). Take the door example in the demo = two interactables - one for each side requiring two interact abilities. For example, if you wanted...
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    Cant Jump or Run

    did you press the button setup button in the opsive manager (and one for layers too).
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    New Input System scripting fix?

    Is this helpful:
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    JUMP ability - 2 basic Questions :)

    If I recall correct, Can Start Ability in Jump checks the characterlocomotion slope limit. So removing this check or changing the slope limit will enable jumping on steep slopes.