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    Any word on an official Mirror integration?

    Bolt has a bunch of things to compress the data you are sending over the network. I'd expect the biggest bottleneck to be the server hardware if you're doing server authority, but I'm not at the point of performance testing so I don't know for sure.
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    Any word on an official Mirror integration?

    I've mostly integrated Photon Bolt, mainly so I can use a server authoritative approach. I've got basic movement and abilities working, so it's definitely possible.
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    Puppet Master causes jittering

    I'm also getting the jitter in the PuppetMaster integration scene. Could it have something to do with the Kinematic Object Manager? From looking at the code, it looks like the position is set in Fixed Update and then lerped between the positions in normal Update. If I set Puppet Master's mapping...
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    UMA First-person Integration

    @AndrewSidereal I got this working using two UMA instances. I had to write a script to spawn the third person uma character, wait until that was created, spawn the "arms" uma model, wait until that was created, then parent the arms to the first person objects game object on the third person and...
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    Photon Bolt - Movement Command Help

    Sure, just send me a message if you need some help and I'll try to respond when I have the time.
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    Photon Bolt - Movement Command Help

    Sure, I've got a custom component that I call BoltLocomotionHandler that replaces the UCC Locomotion Handler. I also only register the characters with the Kinematic Object Manager if they are the server or the client that controls the character. In my BoltLocomotionHandler component I gather the...
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    Photon Bolt - Movement Command Help

    No problem. I've got a solution working "well enough" right now. Using Commands (via Bolt) I'm sending the input to both the controlling client and the server. That is, I'm sending the input values to KinematicObjectManager on both. Both move; on client side for the "prediction" and on server...
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    Photon Bolt - Movement Command Help

    I've been messing around some more just trying to see what works and what doesn't, and I've come up with at least a temporarily solution that seems to work okay when testing with a local server and local client. I basically added some methods to the KinematicObjectManager and KinematicCharacter...
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    Photon Bolt - Movement Command Help

    Any suggestions for using Photon Bolt's Command system for basic movement? Right now I've got a custom LocomotionHandler that gets the horizontal, vertical, and delta yaw rotation in SimulateController and in ExecuteCommand I'm calling KinematicObjectManager.SetCharacterMovementInput and the...
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    UMA Integration & Third Person Combat Movement

    I'm having an issue with UMA Integration and Third Person Combat movement. I've got the UMA Character Builder component on my Dynamic Avatar, everything works well except the combat movement. Briefly looking in to it, it looks like in KinematicObjectManager, in FixedMove, m_CharacterHandler is...
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    Saving the state of a behavior tree

    Is it possible to setup a data structure to serialize the state of a tree, so that if I load my game I can get the tree back to the exact place it was when I saved it?