Introducing the most powerful character controller on the Asset Store. Opsive’s Ultimate Character Controller is a professional, kinematic character controller designed for flexibility, modularity, and performance.
This package includes shooter, melee, magic, throwable, and flashlight items with a first and third person perspective.
✔️Unique Features
The controller contains many features not typically found in other character controllers – from the seamless first and third person perspective switch to the spring system which allows for fluid, procedural first person animations. Character models can be switched at runtime. The modular item system allows you to tune an item’s behavior to your exact specifications. Other unique features include the ability system, dynamic gravity, and being able to change the time scale on a per-character basis.
✔️Exceptional Quality and Modularity
Many assets try to do too much. The entire focus of the Ultimate Character Controller is to be a great character controller. The modular design allows for integrations with assets that excel in other areas.

Kinematic Character Controller

The character controller is a kinematic controller allowing for smooth locomotion movement. It uses the Rigidbody at the backend allowing you to interpolate between positions.

Perspective Switch

Seamlessly switch between first and third person perspectives. Even though the controller uses a separate set of first person arms for high fidelity movement it can still switch between perspectives without any hitch in the movement or animation system.

Extensible Ability System

The ability system allows for new character functionality without having to change any of the core character controller classes. This makes the controller extremely flexibly and allows for an infinite range of possibilities.

Modular Item System

The modular item system allows you to add, remove, and modify small classes – modules – without having to change the core item classes. This allows for even more extensibility and flexibility.

Character Switch

Models with different rigs can be added to a single character allowing you to switch between models at runtime.

Dynamic Gravity

Up isn’t always up. The dynamic gravity system allows the character to change orientation based on the surface, a gravity zone, or your own vector input.

Generic Character

Humanoids aren’t the only supported rig type – the character controller also supports generic rigs. Capsule, sphere, and box colliders are supported in any orientation.

Versatile Set of Items

Includes 19 item types of melee, shootable, magic, throwable, and flashlight.

Surface System

Dynamically spawn effects, such as particles, textures, or audio, based on the surface that was hit. This is great for having the water splash when the character walks through it or a splinter coming off a wood crate when the crate is fired upon.

Dual Wielding

Why use only one weapon at a time when you can use two? The inventory slot system allows you to use any number of items at the same time.

Ride and Drive

The ability system includes the ride and drive abilities. This allows your character to ride on an existing Ultimate Character Controller character. Your character can also drive any other vehicle that implements a common drive interface.

Virtual Controls

The controller runs great on mobile devices and includes a set of virtual controls for touch input.

Robust Camera

The camera system uses an extensible view system allowing you to change the camera type at runtime. Top down, 2.5D, and point & click all use this extensible camera system. Split screen and mirrors are also supported.

Documentation & Videos

The controller is great for both beginners and experts alike with the hours of tutorial videos and more than 300 pages of documentation. If you have any question our support forum is a great resource – chances are your question has already been answered!

Ultimate Character Controller Resources