Using Charged trigger on AI characters


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Hello, I'm trying to use the demo Bow weapon on a UCC character using Behavior Designer. He's following a simple branch starting with Wait, then Start Stop Use to activate his Use ability, then another Wait, and then another Start Stop Use to stop the Use ability. However that only makes him start aiming and charging, but he does not release the arrow. Here are the debug elements in Shootable Action when Idle and when using the weapon :

Screenshot (821).png

Screenshot (822).png

As you can see, Is Charging is still marked as "is not charging" when using the bow, and only Item Use State and Use Ability Active change. I should also mention that the bow charging sound effect is being played.

It is also worth mentioning that when using a player character and setting the start type to manual and then disabling the ability, the same thing happens. Am I missing something or is the Charged trigger totally relying on input ? Thanks in advance.
For AI characters you should not use the charging type. Instead you should treat the bow like any other weapon where it fires as soon as the use event is fired. The charging type requires input which the AI does not have.
Could this be a feature request then ? Most enemies in video games use simple triggers, but we should be able to have npcs use charged weapons.