Stop on breakpoint not working


Unity 2021.3.10f1/BIRP
Opsive BD 1.7.5 (Current) - released on May 05, 2023

Set either in editor or at runtime breakpoints don't break.
I haven't changed any Opsive preferences.

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Can you try a fresh project? I just tried and it stopped correctly.
Confirmed it works in a fresh product with just the CTF sample imported.

My main project was using the latest runtime source import. I changed it back to the default import from the asset store and breakpoints are working. So it's only a problem in the runtime source version it seems.
I just imported the runtime source in a new project and it was correctly hit. If you try a fresh project with the runtime source does it work? I'm not sure what would cause it to not work - BehaviorManager.onTaskBreakpoint gets triggered and in the editor Debug.Break is called.


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