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I try to get the MA integration to work, but don't really understand how it is supposed to work. It looks like the new audio config is similar to the MA group concept (both are wrappers around the audio source). But how do I do the mapping? With the current integration there is no direct way to use MA groups as an audio config.

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When you create your Audio Config you can then assign it to the new Master Audio Manager Module. You then assign this module to the Audio Manager. This is what creates the mapping so the Audio Manager knows to use Master Audio.


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I might be misunderstaning the question, so if so my apologies but if you are just trying to get sounds to trigger then the following applies.

The thing you need to do is add the sounds to your sound groups in MA.

So for example, and this is very crude, you can drag all of your footstep sounds from the character controller demo folder onto your Master Audio game object's Create Sound Group field:
You should then have all your sounds loaded into groups like this:
This should be enough to get the footstep sounds working. Once you get that done you then need to set up the mixer routing and such. But as a start, this should be it.

It's been a while since I used MA so I can't give a more detailed explanation that that atm, but if you do run into issues feel free to message me because I have used it a fair amount in the past and I should be able to remember how to use it fairly easily.

And @Justin A MASSIVE thank you for implementing this. This is such welcome addition.


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After looking at this for a second, Justin, do you mind explaining, and maybe this is what Chris is asking, how the surface effect triggers the MA Sound Group since there is only a reference to the audio file and no string value (how I'm used to triggering Master Audio sounds).

Does your code take the name of the audio file and search for a matching name in the MA Sound Group?

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@Justin just updated the integration to a less crude version that I was looking for :) Now you have a full integration where all clips are managed by MA in audio groups. So there is no need to mess with clips in the audio config anymore. Here are the steps:

  1. Install the MA integration pack
  2. create a new Master Audio Manager Module (create -> Opsive -> Audio -> Master Audio Manager Module)
  3. Assign it to the Audio Manager Module slot of your Audio Manager component on the Game GO
  4. Create a new audio group in MA. There are different ways, but here's a simple way to create a group with variations:
    1. On the GroupMixer section disable "Use Group Template"
    2. Set Bulk Creation Mode to "One Group with Variations"
    3. Drag all clips of the same type (e.g. different footsteps on mud) to the corresponding field on the mixer
    4. This will create a new audio group as child object to the MA game object. This child is named after the first clip, but contains all clips that you used to create the group Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-05 um 07.43.21.pngBildschirmfoto 2021-11-05 um 07.47.22.png
    5. Rename the child object to something meaningful. This will rename the audio group. This is the name you use in your audio config in the next stepBildschirmfoto 2021-11-05 um 07.48.43.png
    6. ... continue with the next post as this only allows 3 images ...


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  1. create a new Master Audio Config (create -> Opsive -> Audio -> Master Audio Config
  2. Under Audio Group Name enter the name of the MA audio group (renamed game object from above) Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-05 um 07.54.43.png
  3. Now you can assign this new config wherever you need it, for instance in a surface effect (remove any audio clip from the surface effect if you migrate an existing effect over to MA).Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-05 um 07.58.42.png
  4. Done
Now you can do all sound configuration (randomization, pitch, etc.) over in Master Audio.


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Hi, these step above should be included in the integration instruction page. I wouldn't have understood this setup with out them. :)