Keep loosing Behavior Trees


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Hello. After using the undo command a couple of times while working on my (external) behavior tree, I lost all of my progress. Now when I try and open the external tree, Unity gets stuck on the Hold On window and after a while throws OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory error.

The error points to a couple of places in the BinaryDeserialization.cs script.

After creating another behavior tree, I accidentally used undo again (while adding a new shared variable) and this resulted in losing my behavior tree again. When opening the external tree, this time I get ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Again pointing to a couple of places in the BinaryDeserialization.cs script.

Is there any way to recover my behavior tree?


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I'm sorry to hear that. Are you able to reproduce that exception? I'm curious what is causing it.

If it's an out of memory error chances are the serialized value is a corrupt value so there wouldn't be a way to recover other than to revert. This shouldn't happen though so I'm curious if you are able to reproduce. Do you have a revision that you can revert to?

To be safe you can also switch the serialization to JSON which is more recoverable than binary.


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Unfortunately I don't have a revision as the behavior tree was done in one go. I was thinking more about what would happen in the long run - I don't want to be losing whole behavior trees in a couple of ctrl+z clicks. I should mention that I am using a lot of custom SharedVariables so the problem might be somewhere there? Anyways, I have reconstructed the said behavior trees and switched to JSON (and also disabled record undo/redo option).

I will try to reproduce the bug later and get back to you but the problems are inconsistent and different each time.

Thanks for the quick reply!