It did not output error if it contains unknown tasks


New member
I've changed some of the action names which are being used at the behavior tree component, then I enter the play mode and it did not output any error while the component is initialised.
It takes me a while to notice that there are something wrong in the behavior tree component then I open it only at this moment I found the behavior tree component is broken.
I think it should output something to let me know that the behavior component contains unknown action at initialisation.
In the editor there should be an error indicating that an unknown tasks exist. The unknown task does not output anything at runtime. I can add it though to the next update.
Seems the 1.7.9 has fixed this issue, and it outputs the ID of the component that contains unknown tasks.
How can I find the incorrect behavior tree by the ID?
If you enable logging on the behavior tree component it will output a list of all of the tasks with the ID, but there's a good method to do it within the editor. The ID is based on a depth first search of the tree.