Controlling spawn host player


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Hey everyone!
I'm working on project where in order to load from my main menu scene to a game scene, take a lot of time and i assume due to that, my character is not spawning or spawn just sometimes. On Unity Editor, it does work sometimes but on build version of the game, it works always.
While hosting in unity editor and connecting with build, it works sometimes.

Does anyone know how can i control, when to spawn character or is it just have to be spawned on loaded scene?
I get look at SpawnManagerBase.cs and i think the method, or an event responsible for spawning Host character is OnEvent, but i don't know where and when is he called.

I also use CharacterSpawnFix.cs for other players, but i think it doesn't matter in this case.
If anyone could help me on this case i would be very happy.

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I recommend posting this on the PUN forum as the developers will have a better idea. I am not sure how you can change when the spawn event occurs.