Character Creator 4


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I am going to use Character Creator 4 to create my characters. Is there any process or rigging that I should pay attention to for the controller? Do i have to match the Atlas character bone structure?



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I am not familiar with that tool but from the character controller side of things as long as you have humanoid animations then you'll be good to go for Unity's retargeting feature.


Hey, CC and UCC user for a long time here, I can personally assure you there's nothing to worry about between UCC and Character Creator ! In fact I had an issue recently making me think of a potential rigging issue with some of UCC's animation but that wasn't even the case ! Allow me to do a little bit of shameless advertisement by sharing my youtube channel if you want to see some combinations of UCC and Character Creator :


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Thank you both for the informational replies. I will take a look at your YouTube. I was particularly trying to match the rigging that the Atlas character had. Unfortunately, I am still a little new to CC4. I need to need to prototype quickly as possible.