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Can't fully equip anything to left hand


New member
Hi, here's my situation

End goal:
Equip a shovel in the left hand. The shovel is only used to dig using the 3rd person controller. It's not used for melee attacks. I have a digging animation I'll need to setup after I get the equipping issue solved.

My problem:
I'm trying to equip items to the left hand (Item Slot 1) and the item gets instantiated under the left hand correctly but always gets disabled. If I change the Slot ID to 0 for the right hand the item equips correctly. "Wait For Animation Event" is disabled. Can anyone give insight on why this might be happening and a good place to start debugging the issue?

Current item settings:
Slot ID: 1 <- 0 works but 1 does not
Animator ID: 22
Animator Movement Set ID: 1

I'm using the 3rd person character controller and ultimate inventory assets. Most of my setup is copied from the demo.


New member
I also have a bow that does the same thing and won't equip with the left hand using
Slot ID: 1
Animator ID: 4
Animator Movement Set ID: 2


Staff member
You are right. The ItemSetRules need to be defined such that the Item is set in the left hand. If there is a mismatch between the item prefab Slot ID and the ItemSet slot ID created by the ItemSetRules, the item gets spawned but is disabled.
We are looking inot how we should redesign this in a way that makes sense. In the mean time what I could do is add warning/error when this happens. I'll add it to my TODO list.