Blocking without Aiming?


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I have to be missing something obvious, because I can't believe a package with so much versatility has this oversight. Why is blocking (not the animation ability, but the act of raising a shield/defense) tied to the aim ability? Doesn't that mean that it is impossible to have a character that can, at any point with a single equip loadout, either aim or block?
Example: Say I want to make a Captain America type of character that has a shield he can throw. How would I make it so he can be either aiming a throw or blocking, but is not doing both at the same time? I would really like to not have to re-code both Shield.cs and MeleeWeapon.cs.

For that matter, why is the Block ability just a glorified Damage Visualization?

Sorry, just frustrated trying to figure out something I'm sure is obvious.


Staff member
The Shield component on the shield item has the "Require Aim" property, which you can disable so that the shield will always absorb damage from any attackers that collide with it. With that disabled, all you need to do is have the shield raise in front of the character, which can be done using the Aim ability or any generic ability of your own. Then if you want to have the Shield's damage absorption temporarily disabled (e.g. during the use of another ability, even Aim), you could use the state system to set the Shield's "Absorption Factor" to 0, or even disable the visible shield gameobject's collider entirely.