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Dear Opsive Team,
As much as I love opsive, I would have too say that If there was an integration made for atavism, i in my heart would think that it be a game changer for us unity lovers, atavism with the mmo game engine with in unity is amazing, but I feel it’s controller is not up to par like opsive is, in short, please please think of doing a integration for atavism!
Sincerely Opsive die hard fan!


Active member
Sorry, @Vahalla, I just can’t see this happening

We tried Atavism but gave up on it because of what makes it great for MMO - A general lack of physics.

Opsive Character Controllers are a physics based system (damage applied on contact, raycast detection for interactions, etc) whereas Atavism has all interaction predetermined (it’s more like D+D where each battle is a role of the dice) - this is to optimise the network data.

You could possibly run both systems in parallel where your controller matched all the values of the Atavism database but keeping these in sync would be a nightmare.

We decided that, at the moment, designing better character control and customisation was more important for us than having large numbers of users - with the hope that Opsive adds integrations for either Unity MLAPI or Photon Fusion down the not too distant road.

I would love to be wrong though, that networking infrastructure and the integrated hosting on Northern Networking is awesome.