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    Camera scope is not aligned

    The camera scope is part of the weapon itself. The crosshairs is under the UI canvas.
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    URP First Person View shadow issue:

    If you change the material so it's visible does the head stretch in the editor? What if you do a non-URP project?
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    Camera scope is not aligned

    You can move the position of the CrosshairsMonitor to have the crosshairs in any location on the screen.
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    Why is changing one variable array chaning another? Need exorcist?

    I just tried a similar setup but wasn't able to reproduce the issue. If you use a different shared variable type does it work correctly?
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    Checking If All Players Are Dead

    The multiplayer add-on requires familiarity with scripting so I recommend first brushing up on those skills. To answer your question though you can subscribe to the OnDeath event and then have that event report the death event to a new class which keeps track of the current number of deaths...
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    Dodge & target orbit not working.

    Are you running the latest version? I tested with those settings and it worked. We are going to be releasing an updated version soonish so it may make sense to just wait until that version is released since it'll definitely work.
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    Camera Jitter

    Thanks for helping @ComplicatedEgg, @Temmy, and @DankP3 :)
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    Order Number Seemingly Expired

    If your invoice number is missing you'll need to email Unity support at as I am unable to look it up. Thanks for the note about the old Asset Store page not working anymore - I've removed that.
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    Why is changing one variable array chaning another? Need exorcist?

    Does it do that with any other tasks? My one guess is that maybe somehow your constructor for the shared variables within the task is creating problems.
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    UCC - Can I use an UMA for a FPS in Multiplayer (Pun)?

    I haven't used UMA with PUN but generally with PUN it'll require a specific integration. I can add this to my list but it'll likely be awhile.
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    Help with health bar damage visual effect!

    Is the event being received?
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    Block Height Change and Crawl abilities when swimming

    You can use the state system to create a new preset which disables the Height Change abilities when the Swim ability is active.
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    Weapon hit boxes

    There isn't a built in way to modify the size, but you could get a reference to the collider using GetComponent on the Item's Object field. You can then modify it to any value.
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    Magic using Mana Attribute

    When you say that you are using mana, did you create a new cast action? Or something different?
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    Player collision detect to start an event

    The OnDeath event includes the object that caused the character's death (if it is given). so you could use that to determine what grouping to assign.