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    Does VR add on support Quest2 android VR?

    VR add on supports Android VR? Built in Quest 2? I want my game to run in quest2 built-in Android VR. I don't know if VR add on supports it
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    VR integration with Ultimate Inventory

    I hope that the final inventory can support VR add-ons, because I plan to buy VR add-ons, and I hope that the next update of the final inventory will support VR add-ons.
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    I need a video tutorial to create universal AI

    I need a video tutorial to create universal AI. I have many universal AI models, such as robots, monsters, animals, flying monsters and so on, but I don't know how to create universal AI. I hope I can make a video of universal AI. I really need this video tutorial.
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    How to create a shooting weapon with infinite bullets?

    The enemy AI's shooting weapon should have unlimited bullets, I want to know how to achieve this?
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    How to create flight AI?

    I created a flight AI, but I found that the flight AI was flying close to the ground. I wanted it to fly and move in the air. What should I do?
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    AI resurrected after death

    Yes, he works. Thank you for your help.
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    AI resurrected after death

    I created an AI, I used a submachine gun to attack the AI, and the AI fell down after death... But the magic is that the AI actually resurrected in place, and I did not stop the submachine gun shooting AI. The strange thing is that the AI will always shoot after death. Resurrection. You can...
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    Set damage value of built-in weapon system

    I have found the setting of weapon damage value. This problem has been solved.
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    Set damage value of built-in weapon system

    I bought the third person controller. I'm considering making a VR game. The game will use the built-in inventory system. I want to know how to set the damage value of the built-in inventory weapons in the plug-in?I didn't find damage value on the weapon I created. I need help.
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    Characters don't run

    You can use old input and new input, you can see my screenshot. So you can use them at the same time.
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    Characters don't run

    I've solved this problem by myself. I hope you check it carefully after development. This problem is easy to solve. You are too careless.
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    Characters don't run

    You can watch the video I recorded. In the video, I use the keyboard and mouse to move the character. When I hold the shift button to move the character, the character will run quickly from the walk, but when I use the Gamepad, the character will not run said that using the status...
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    Input system key settings

    I want to know if the character input system has the function of key setting or rebinding? Do you support the new input system of unity? The new input system of unity is great, the key setting and the rebinding is easy. I hope the next update will add support for the new input system of unity.
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    Characters don't run

    I need a video tutorial. After the character is created, you can walk, run, and jump, whether you use the keyboard or the GamePad character to perform these actions. In addition, where can I find the code for moving the character? If you don’t fix it, I have to do it myself Solve, in fact, this...
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    Characters don't run

    I think the problem is that you did not add the corresponding input code to the GamePad. You can look at my screenshots and use the Third Person Controller to demonstrate the scene. In the screenshots of the demonstration scene, you can clearly see your settings for the GamePad. Set the input...