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    Version 2.2 Released

    What's the timeframe on adding the Ladder Climbing ability? I bought this asset more than a year ago, but couldn't use it as ladder climbing wasn't readily available. Would love to give it another try, but NEED ladder climbing. :)
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    Best way to change footstep audio based on velocity?

    Hi. Wondering what would be the best way to change footstep audio based on velocity. Any suggestions where to start? Initial thoughts was perhaps using a discrete Ability, but I'm hoping there might be a simpler solution. :) Regards, Mark
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    Is it okay to seek paid help here?

    Hi. I've delved into UCC a bit now and already hit my technical limitations, so I'm looking for help scripting a couple of custom Abilities. :) Is it okay to look for people here to do custom scripts like that for cash? If not cool, that's okay, but I wanted to start here as I'm guessing...
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    Ultimate Character Controller WIP

    Hi Justin. I read above that an Agility Pack was expected a couple of weeks back that (hopefully?) includes Climbing (ladder climbing?). Is that available yet? If not, do you have an ETA?