A Perspective Item represents the object that is actually rendered in the game. The Perspective Item class is an abstract class and is implemented by the First Person Perspective Item and the Third Person Perspective Item depending on which perspective is being rendered.  The main responsibility of the perspective components are to spawn and to determine the location that the item should be rendered at. While both the first and third person components can use the spring system, the springs are more prevalent in a first person perspective because the component needs to handle bobs, sways, falls, etc. With a third person perspective the item is more restricted to the parent object (such as the hand).

Inspected Fields


The GameObject of the object rendered. Can be a prefab or a GameObject that is a child of the character.

Local Spawn Position

If Object is a prefab, specifies the local position of the spawned object.

Local Spawn Rotation

If Object is a prefab, specifies the local rotation of the spawned object.