The Throwable Item Item Action allows the character to throw an object such as a grenade or baseball. The Grenade Item is a subclass that allows the pin from a grenade to be removed before the object is thrown.

The GameObject that the Throwable Item attaches to is not the actual object that is thrown – the Thrown Object field specifies the object that should actually be thrown instead. The Throwable Item also allows the character to show a trajectory of the path that the object will follow when it is thrown.  The First/Third Person Throwable Weapon Properties component will also be attached to the item and this component contains the properties that are specific for that perspective.

Inspected Fields

Thrown Object

The object that is thrown.

Disable Visible Object

Should the visible object be disabled?

Activate Throwable Object Event

Specifies if the item should wait for the OnAnimatorActivateThrowableObject animation event or wait for the specified duration before activating the throwable object.

Throw On Stop Use

Should the object be thrown when the stop use method is called?


The starting velocity of the thrown object.

Start Layer

The layer that the item should occupy when initially spawned.

Thrown Layer

The layer that the thrown object should change to after being thrown.

Layer Change Delay

The amount of time after the object has been thrown to change the layer.

Damage Amount

The amount of damage applied to the object hit by the thrown object.

Impact Layers

The layers that the thrown object can collide with.

Surface Impact

The Surface Impact triggered when the object hits another object.

Impact Force

The amount of force to apply to the object hit.

Impact Force Frames

The number of frames to add the impact force to.

Impact State Name

The name of the state to activate upon impact.

Impact State Disable Timer

The number of seconds until the impact state is disabled. A value of -1 will require the state to be disabled manually.

Infinite Use

Should the throwable item be able to be used no matter the inventory count?

Reequip Event

Specifies if the item should wait for the OnAnimatorReequipThrowableItem animation event or wait for the specified duration before requipping.

Reequip Item Substate Parameter Value

The value of the Item Substate Animator parameter when the item is being reequipped.

Show Trajectory On Aim

Should the item’s trajectory be shown when the character aims?”

Trajectory Offset

The offset of the trajectory visualization relative to the trajectory transform set on the Throwable Item Properties.