Item Types are used to identify a particular item that the character can carry. Item Types can also represent the ammo in an assault rifle or the number of grenades that are remaining. Item Types are part of an Item Collection which is a grouping of Item Types. Item Types can be managed within the Item Type Manager:

Let’s create a new Item Type that will be used by the weapon that we will create in the next section. The first step that should be performed is that the “Create” button should be selected to create a new Item Collection. An Item Collection stores the ItemTypes and by creating a new Item Collection you’ll ensure that any Item Type customizations don’t get overwritten by any updates. Next, under the Name field at the top of the Item Type manager type in “MyAssaultRifle” and press “Add”. A new ItemType of MyAssaultRifle will appear in the list. The category of the new ItemType should be set to “Items”. This category is used by the Item Set Manager. 

The assault rifle will need to fire bullets so create a second Item Type called “MyAssaultRifleBullet”: