The State Configuration field within the Camera, Character, and Item builders allow you to use a set of values that have already been setup for that object. When a State Configuration asset file is specified you are able to select which profile you’d like to apply to your object.

When the object is built all of the values from that profile will be applied to your object. This includes the default values for a component as well as any states that have been added to the object. All of the profiles contained within the state configuration asset are visible in the inspector if you select the state configuration asset file:

New profiles can be created by dragging the object that you’d like to create into the Copy From field and clicking the “Copy” button. The popup field immediately to the left of the Copy From field allows you to select if you’d like to copy all of the default values and states, just the default values, or just the states.

The section beneath the Copy From section allows you to view all of the existing profiles and their states. The states use the preset system similar to how it is used at runtime. Clicking on a preset will allow you to modify the values for that preset. A gray preset represents the default values for that object and the state name cannot be edited. New State Configuration assets can be created under the Create -> Ultimate Character Controller -> State Configuration menu option.