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    abc123 replied to the thread How to assign variables?.
    Looks like your Player variable has the type of Transform, instead of GameObject. In the SetSharedGameObject task you need to drag your...
  • snicker
    snicker replied to the thread Pause state presets?.
    Thanks for the help. I got it working, I redid the event setup and stopped getting the error. public void GamePaused() {...
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    nicmar replied to the thread How to assign variables?.
    Hey, i’m very new to this but it looks like you created the player variable as a Transform, remove it and make it a gameobject insteas...
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    BillForest replied to the thread Update problems.
    Okay I was just informed that the PUN Multiplayer also has an update so I updated it and it fixed my problem sorry I didn't look for...
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    I just saw the new Update was available so I updated and followed your link to the manual changes and the update imported without...
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    Hi Justin So the first issue I had mentioned above about the path's not completing, I believe, had to do with how I was loading cached...
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    For this I would create a new Movement Type. I hope to be able to add a Click to Move Movement Type in the 2.2.x series.
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    BillForest replied to the thread Melee Weapon Attack Problems.
    Hey I need assistance my first problem were my characters arms detach when I hit the attack button did not get fixed. I knew I said it...
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  • SuperPox
    SuperPox replied to the thread How to assign variables?.
    @nicmar I think I'm having the same the problem you solved. I'm trying to copy this video as well: Can you tell me what you did so that...
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  • Alexis_Zarate
    I had already asked a related question but my question was not fully clarified. What is on this page...
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    DankP3 replied to the thread How to unzip the integrations.
    Don't use Firefox to donwload, and Edge has done this before aswell. Use Chrome and all should be good. post back if not
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    BillForest replied to the thread Heavy Attack Animations.
    okay so how would I put say light attacks on one input button and heavy attacks on a different input button? like Dark Souls, Shadow of...
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    BillForest replied to the thread Block/Parry.
    No I have not tried making a new block ability just trying to use the default block, do you think it would work if I made a new one? and...
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    Sangemdoko replied to the thread Getting data from UIS.
    Hi @Somosky Currency is not an amount. You can have 50$ and you can convert it to 44€. But $ and € is not a value in itself. For...
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    Frocha posted the thread A.I Movement in Questions.
    Can I add the any of the "use" ability to the cover script from the movement pack? I want the A.I to use a specific ability when they...