Weapon Attachments Configuration for UFPS/FPC


So, just got off the phone with my doctors, and things look better thatn thought. No hopsitalization needed. I'll be starting an albuterol inhaler in the next day or so for a couple of months.

Thanks for listening. It was and is still that scariest medical occurrence both my wife and I had gone through.



I'm getting back on my feet, slowly, but surely. I'm taking the next few days to re-orient myself with normal day to day activities. Still not out of the woods completely, but i can tell i'm starting to get better as the days progress. My wife's doing better, she had to go back to work as of this morning, but luckily from home for the next few weeks.

I hope everyone had a safe, realizing and enjoyable holidays!

Here's to 2022, and finally getting a working weapon attachments system released!

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on creating!!!

Happy Early New Year everyone!