Weapon Attachments Configuration for UFPS/FPC

just a heads up but i'm super excited to see it, i'll def pick it up once it comes out. i've been meaning to make something very similar and even if yours doesn't end up working for my needs it'll be a hell of a jumping off point to see how expandable the ucc weapon system can be made. Much luck on that, i know the thread is quiet but i'm getting email alerts for it and i'll be there when it launches!

Though i am curious as to what the issues with the third person controller are. is it largely dealing with the different way the spring system works on the TPS? some perspective thing?


I just wanted to give you guys an update on where things are, at tthe moment. I'm a little behind in getting the UI written, and had to go back and update some components for compatibility reasons. I'm working on the UI Integration into UFPS v2 for fire-modes, and that's pretty much done. I had to stop work for a while, due to some medical issues, due to my disability, but am getting back on track now. I hoipe to have some new screen shots soon.


I wanted to give everyone a status update on the project. I had some unexpected delays over the holidays, but have resumed work. I am currentlly on hold with script development, as the assets I planned to use from another developer are no longer availble for me to include, so I'm having to build them all by hand in in 3ds max, with a 30 day eval i downloaded. Iam just finishing up on the Grenade Launcher and the Master Key shotgun, and these will all be included with the package. Feel free to use them, modify them. Theyre pretty low poly, but I'm doing my best to make them somewaht presentable.

I hope to have another update in a couple of weeks. I've kept Opsive up to date on my progress, so their aware of the delays.

Happy New Year everybody!!!
No prob bud, that def sounds like a pain in the ass. Really just the functionality is key here, people are going to replace all the assets anyway, so you really could get away with just some floating rectangles guns, as long as it shows off the functionality. though that may not look brillaint in screenshots, and clearly i don't know if there like a level of asset-quality that opsive wants if their name's gonna be on it. But as long as it works then i'd say not to worry that much about it. Regardless, best of luck!


As promised, here is a screenshot of the first version of Weapon attachments i will be including with this addon.

3 Versions of the ACOG (Standard, 1 with Alternate Statis Sight, and 1 with RMR mount - I still have to model this.)
1 Holographic Sight
1 Red Dot Sight
1 Reflex Sight
1 Sight Magnifier
1 Bayonet,
1 Tac Light
1 Laser Sight
1 Collapsable Butt-stock
1 Pivoting Butt-Stock
1 Grenade Launcher
1 Master Key
1 Fore Grip
1 Flash Hider
1 Compensator
1 Muzzle Brake
1 Suppressor

I have seperate materials for all, but none are UV Mapped (Im still learning that part). I still have to fix their Transforms when going from 3DS Max to Unity, and will have that fixed before v1 launches, sometime in the next month or so.



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Here's a screen shot of the Assault Rifle that's included with UFPS/First Person Controller, along with the following Attachments:

  • Solid Butt Stock
  • 100 Round Drum Magazine
  • Fore Grip
  • Tactical Flash Light
  • Compensator
I'm updating the scripts now, since the 3D Work is now done. I'm hoping tro have the updated scripts finished in the next couple of weeks!


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Here's the finalized set of Weapon Attachments that will launch with the first release of the Weapon attachments System for UFPS

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Ammunition Source Attachments
  • Standard Magazine
  • Extended Magazine
  • Drum Magazine

Barrel Attachments
  • Bayonet
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Shotgun

Butt Stock Attachments
  • Pivoting Butt Stock
  • Collapsible Butt Stock
  • Solid Butt Stock

Combination Sight Attachments
  • 2x Holographic Sight
  • 2x Red Dot Sight
  • 2x Reflex Sight
  • 3x Reflex Sight
  • 4x ACOG (With 1x Static Sight)
  • 4x ACOG (With 1x RMR Sight)

Simple Magnified Sight Attachments
  • 6x Scope
  • 4x ACOG
  • 1.5x Reflex Sight

Muzzle Attachments
  • Suppressor
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Flash Hider
  • Compensator

Non-Magnified Sight Attachments
  • 1x RMR (Flush Mount)
  • 1x RMR (Picatinny Mount)
  • 1x Reflex Sight
  • 1x Red Dot Sight
  • 1x Holographic Sight

Rail Attachments
  • Fore Grip
  • Tactical Flash Light
  • Laser Sight


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Here is an updated Screen shot for the Assault Rifle - Sample Configuration Scene. I'm still playing catch up from some computer down time I had a few weeks back. I appreciate everyone's patience!


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