VR Hands appear above head - Can't adjust!

John Howell

New member
I've just set up a new scene and followed the two VR setup videos. But no matter what I do, I can't get the VR hands to appear in the correct position. They are always way above my head as show in the image. I've tried adjusting where the hands are physically positioned in the scene, experimented with first person objects, moved the capsule and adjusted its size, etc. Also tried Camera offsets but still no luck. The VR camera's view appears to be in the wrong place - or the hands are somehow fixed in the wrong place?

I can 't work it out.

Any help appreciated.




Staff member
If you set the Position Offset on the First Person Objects does that reposition correctly?

John Howell

New member
Thanks Justin. The First Person Offset didn't change anything. I got it working in the end after changing the following two offsets (images attached). Hands and floor are now in the right place. Handler script and Head tracker script. These two offsets (and height of the Collider) were the only inputs that changed anything. Ended up changing height back to what it was after these were adjusted. Are these offset changes likely to give me any issues going forwards? Is this just an Oculus Rift S thing? Hands in demo were also out of place.

hand tracker offset.JPG