VR Add-On


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I started the VR Add-On in September of 2017 which ended up being a year before the character controller was actually released. Since then I have been working on it off and on (mostly off) until recently when we released the PUN multiplayer add-on.

Since then things have been going better than I expected and we should be able to release a beta version soon. I plan on following a similar structure as what we did with the multiplayer add-on where we release the beta to the Opsive Store first and then as soon as everything is stable we'll release on the Asset Store. So, with that said, what is the VR Add-On?

The VR Add-On for the Opsive Character Controllers is a collection of view types, movement types, and abilities that allow your character to use a VR headset. Most of the features that have been added are designed to be used in a first person view but it does also include support for a third person perspective. Physics based item interactions (such as pulling a clip to reload or pulling back a bow to shoot) will not be supported in the first version of the add-on.

The VR Add-On will include the following abilities:
  • Arm Swing
  • Dash
  • Grab and Go (moves the character as you grab and object and move your hand)
  • Move In Place (moves the character as you walk/run in place)
  • Rotate with Head
  • Teleport
It will also include the following item abilities:
  • Flick Reload
  • Hold
  • Slot Equip
The existing Use and Drop abilities can already be used with a VR headset. I have tested this add-on with the Rift and the Vive. I also have a Grear VR that I will be able to test against and plan on getting a Quest. In general it doesn't take much in order to support a new headset and it's just a matter of getting the button mappings right.

Most of the features are complete, just need to do a lot more testing and polishing before we release. I'll be posting some more gifs and we get closer to release but to start things off here's one where I use the sword to destroy a crate.



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The VR add-on has been going well and we're tentatively hoping to release on the Opsive Store later next week. We are still polishing up the scene though so we'll see if we make that date.

Here's a gif that has the first person character dual wielding pistols. This gif is in the new demo scene that will walk you through the features included. This gif also shows Nolan's hands instead of the spheres that were in the last gif.



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On the Unity forum I was asked what movement abilities will be included so I thought that I would include them here as well:
  • Arm Swing: Moves the player based on arm motion like you are running
  • Dash: Similar to Teleport except doesn't move the character instantly
  • Free Movement: Think the thrust movement from Mission:ISS
  • Grab and Move: Grab onto an object and then swing yourself in a direction
  • Joystick
  • Move in Place: similar to Arm Swing, except only requires one tracker to bob
  • Teleport
It also doesn't look like we are going to be able to release to the Opsive Store this week but we should be able to early next week. There is more to this VR Add-On than we thought :)