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I have a fresh project and when I opened the demo it was all pink. I did edit -> render pipeline -> upgrade project materials and that fixed 95% of the materials. The problem is now that the invisible shadow caster material is pink. What's the proper way to set up UFPS with the universal render pipeline?


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How do I find the URP integration package? Your website only seems to have behavior designer integrations


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@ChopSui , follow the link in my post, under downloads select your package and it will be the next page. Note that these are for first person containing packages as these are the ones needing the integration.


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I agree, I found it eventually thanks to some guidance from this post but adding it as a package to the default download or as a list in the unity integration menu might make it easier to find. I figured the Unity integration menu listed all of the integrations which added to my confusion.


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I think you need to add one more step to modify "FirstPersonScope" material and switch it from Overlay to OverlayURP. Otherwise the scope on weapons shows as Pink error material.


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I don't understand where to find the URP integration package. "... follow the link in my post, under downloads select your package and it will be the next page." Where is the link?
Hi, i have a similar problem: my Shadow caster Is Pink so i see my weapon correctly rendered and overlayed another Pink weapon with a differenti field of view. I already installed the URP integration. What else do i have to set?
Hi, i have followed the instructions to setup the camera with urp integrations etc..but when (at point 5) i choose the render pipeline option under the First Person view overlay render type, there isn't a "overlay"culling Mask layer..is this that cause my camera showing 2 hud? One Little (i presume the correct One) and One another big and blurred..i don't understand what i am doing wrong ?.
Help please.


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You'll be able to change the render type after you have installed the Universal Render Pipeline integration package. Make sure you change the render type to Render Pipeline.


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Question about this integration. Is it required for the Third Person Controller in a URP project? Feel like it would only be for the scope of a rifle, in which case I'm not using one so wouldn't need it then.