Unexpected animation behavior: head swivel after strafing jump


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Hello. I've been experiencing a somewhat distracting animation error, reproduceable by strafing right and jumping like so:
As you can see, the character's head rotation snaps hard to the right upon executing a right-strafing jump. This does not occur when jumping or strafing in any other direction.

I am using the Third Person Combat view with some minor adjustments to camera positioning and FoV. The character is from Synty's prototyping pack, and has not been adjusted from the default values imparted by the Character Manager apart from increased jump force. I am presently using 2022.3.10f1, but have reproduced this error in other editor versions.
Hello, thanks to @troubadour for making this thread which is actually overdue, I've seen this issue several times myself when using the Third Person Combat view and control types. I took a closer look at it and came to the conclusion that it is purely animation related. Please take a look at these 2 screenshots :

Screenshot (661).png

Screenshot (662).png

As you can see, the animation looks correct when moving left, but the right version is messed up as the character must be breaking his neck ! In addition, this issue can be seen with Character IK disabled, which suggests as well that it is solely about animation. I know that animation isn't the focus of ucc, but I hope this can be fixed in a future update nonetheless, thanks.
Thanks for letting us know, wow this has been in there for a while! It was a simple head rotation error on the FallWalkStrafeRight animations. It's fixed now so will be in the next update.
Hmm... for some reason I'm not able to reproduce that. Are you able to reproduce it within the combat zone of the demo scene in a fresh project?