UIS seems to have broken other inputs in my game...


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i have an existing project i wanted to use UIS in. It uses the "new" input system but has both enabled. After loading in UIS and doing the input system integration everything is working in my overworld, scenes. but i am making a turn based strategy and my battle scene( which has literally nothing from opsive in it and was in no way change by me during integration) now is bugged.

When my battle scene loads from my normal overworld scene, my cursor disappears. i am unable to interact with anything. i get no errors or warning related to this. it just doesn't work. If i manually load the battle scene from just literally any scene that doesnt have an opsive inventory in it the scene works fine. I cant find anything opsive is hiding in "dont destory on load" that might be causing this.

I have a full backup i took before the opsive install and integration. i have both input methods enabled in the backup. either one is working fine (depending on which event system i am have active in the scene when i use the backup). i have gone through literally every object and reference in the inspector, and can find literally no difference between my backup and the current version of the project with opsive installed.

I thought maybe i needed the player input module in the scene per the integration( even though there isnt actually a player character or inventory in this scene). that didn't resolve the issue.

Is there some setting inside of opsive that by default disables cursor when non opsive UI is active or something? i am really at a loss here.
Humm... I'm not sure why this would happen.
On our component "UnityInput" we have an option to disable the cursor can you ensure this is off?:

But if you say that the issue is in scenes completely unrelated to Opsive, I'm a bit stumped.

If it's related to our scripts then it must have something to do with the "UnityInput" component. I would recomend you add some Debug.Log(..) in the areas that affect the cursor visibility to see if some unwanted code is being executed that would disable the cursor
Thanks for your response,

no i had found that setting and it has been off. i didn't think that was related either way, as it seems to stay with the character prefab. that prefab is not in the scene. . I and a friend of mine have now gone through the backup and the main project twice. there is absolutely no difference in the battle scenes.

there is nothing in the scene from opsive.
it works fine before you intigrate opsive.
once integrated the battle scene breaks( nothing else).
It only breaks when it is loaded from a scene with an opsive inventory. I can boot the scene independently without issue.
Nothing anywhere in the broken scene ( even runtime files) that are actually coming from opsive.

very confusing..1718379550366.png