UCC 2.2 The name EventHandler does not exist in current context


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Hi I'm using the event handler to stop player input on the player when I pause the game. After upgrading I'm now getting this message. I'm sure it's just been changed to a new name since the update just don't know what it is.

EventHandler.ExecuteEvent(m_Character, "OnEnableGameplayInput", false);

This is the code I was using previously.

Any idea on what the new way to do this is?


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I figured it out in case anyone else is wondering. The namespace is now Opsive.shared.Events as opposed to previously being Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Events.


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That's right - the EventHander has moved namespaces. For anybody else the new namespaces are listed under the namespace section of this page:

The docs have also been updated with the new namespace: