UCC 2.2.7 NavMesh Agent Doesn't Stop until point is reached


The changes made in 2.2.7 doesn't allow the NavMeshAgent to stop until the point is reached. First noticed this with the seek ability in BD was broken and not stopping the agent when the task was aborted. The Agent would continue on until it reached its point. At which time it would then stop.

I tested this with a simple task that would have the agent seek a location and then a conditional abort 1 sec later that would try to stop the agent. He continued on to the location and then stopped.

I reverted the file back to 2.2.6 and everything worked as expected. The agent stopped when the seek task was aborted.


Staff member
Thank you. It's tricky working around all of the NavMeshAgent edge cases.

You can fix this by changing line 129 of NavMeshAgentMovement to:
            if (updateInput && m_NavMeshAgent.hasPath && !m_NavMeshAgent.isStopped) {