Task Index


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Some times BT presents log messages that refer to the notes index. Is there a way in the BT editor to select a task and see the index? This would be super helpful when debugging large trees. We can quickly see what node is causing the issue right away. alternatively a 'select node by index' or 'find node by index' would be a great workflow enhancement.

Would it be out of the question to request this? a table could easily be added to the task inspect that presents the index of the selected node.
Wish the editor code was available so that we could implement these fixes and just submit back to you :)

Thanks and have a great day!

This is an example message of what Behavior Designer logs:

The behavior "Tree" on GameObject "MyEntity" contains a parent task (Selector (index 35)) with no children. This behavior will be disabled.
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager:LoadBehaviorComplete(Behavior, BehaviorTree) (at Assets/Behavior Designer/Runtime/BehaviorManager.cs:434)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager:EnableBehavior(Behavior) (at Assets/Behavior Designer/Runtime/BehaviorManager.cs:326)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Behavior:EnableBehavior() (at Assets/Behavior Designer/Runtime/Behavior.cs:178)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Behavior:Start() (at Assets/Behavior Designer/Runtime/Behavior.cs:141)