Tactical and Formation behaviors just clumping together randomly with Astar integration


New member
Hey folks, I am attempting to get a group to be able to create formations and use tactics, but instead of making the desired shapes they are just clumping together.
I have RVS and the RichAI agent setup and working for all basic movements except still trying to figure out flocking, and any other group behavior.
I would very much appreciate some guidance, since the example crams it all into one script controlled scene it's a little tough to understand exactly how I am meant to configure the behavior tree for a particular formation or tactic.
To get started does the sample scene work correctly? The Formations/Tactical Packs tell the agents where to move, but it's up to A* to prevent the agents from running into each other as they are moving.
The sample scene appears to be working, but maybe you could explain the general rules for making a tactic formation work? Maybe I am just missing something basic.
I'm glad that aspect is working. Does your own agents have the same components added? You will need to add the task to the behavior tree and then specify the leader for any following agent. Make sure your offsets are the same as the demo scene when testing this out.
Okay so without a leader it won't work then? I will try and set it, it will be a challenge, but I guess I can pick a random leader from a grouping.