Swimming Underwater


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What are the steps for this, its not clear in the instructions.
And AQUAS is doing the underwater effects nicely.

I am using Rewired, and AQUAS Water & River Set.
I am using Third Person, And RPG movement
No camera control for movement. Its just a follower.


I can't figure out how to go up/down while in water.
I was hoping it could be same as C (crouch) for down, and space bar (jump) for up. Seems the most logical.
But I will take what I can get.


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Does the demo scene work correctly? Aquas currently is not integrated but I have seen other people get it working.

You can remap the controls but to start diving underwater you press the F key or look down and start moving forward.


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Thank you for your reply. No the swimming demo does not work correctly. Its really weird. Says that UCC is not installed, yet it works fine in my scene. I remapped F to be the interaction button, not that it works yet. :) I'll take another look at the demo after work and try to find what I missed. Getting AQUAs working underwater turned out to be pretty (just gave the box collider on the water plane a little depth).