Search = Stuck


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My AI is stuck in its place when using A* Search. Wander however, works completely fine. Any way to solve this?
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Try increasing the arrived distance - my guess is that the AI gets stuck when it thinks that it is close enough to the target but it's not according to A*.


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Didn't work. Changed it to 10, 1000 even, unfortunately had no luck.
I have the Object Layer Mask = Character (player). Also tried some other layers.

It also never actually returns an object. Which might have something to do with it? Even when I walk in front of it / when it should hear me.

Edit: So I got it to return objects now. Although the AI is still stuck in its place.
Once it returned its object, I made it switch over to seek, which immediately allows him to move.

Which of course still means that the wander etc doesn't work at all.
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I second this. The search task is not functional well with A* pathfinding. Here's the GIF of official integration demo scene (with A*). When switching to search task, the agent moves a little bit then stop.

As a workaround I'm using a combination of seek and warder to simulate search task.