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Hi, Justin,
I just saw you are currently working on VR addon. Once it's done, most of the heavy lifting is done, including the network addon.
I know you mentioned about network and VR addon with the highest priority and I waited until they are done.
Since it's nearing finishing, I guess it's about time to ask you for the Roadmap afterward.
It would help to preplan myself.

We've talked about various ability packs before and is it possible you can show what order it will appear?
From my perspective, I would like to see, Tactical Shooting(wall shooting/hiding, prone), Parkour(ladder climbing, more dynamic wall jumping), Swimming, Flying(parachute, wingsuit) in the order of priority.

What do you think?



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After the VR add-on is released I plan on focusing on some much needed BD love. I've been focused on the character controllers pretty heavily for the past three years and it's time to give BD a refresh.

With that said we also are working with another developer to develop more add-ons while my time is split. Nothing concrete yet though.


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+1 for Parkour. Also, Spell Casting and Flying while Spell Casting!

On the topic of BD. I recently had a (passing) interest in Bolt Visual Scripting and checked out their comparison chart. Nice of them to give BD a column on their checklist! Would love to read a thread on the vision of BD 2.


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Spell casting is on the list for version 2.2, along with proper split screen support and a vehicle example.

So far all that I know for BD 2 is that it will be using Unity's new UIElements system. I'd like to use the jobs system as well but from my tests it doesn't look mature enough yet for a robust framework such as a behavior tree editor. Aside from that I'm experimenting with a lot of options so I'm not sure what it all really means yet.


So you are planning to give BD love before working on spell casting for 2.2? Or vice versa? Ive been looking forward to spells for a bit.


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Behavior Designer 2 will have a higher priority than version 2.2, but version 2.2 won't take as long so it may come out first. This is all speculative though so things can change.