Quest and UFPS VR add on setup


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I have the first person controller, vr add on building on unity 2019.4 lts, OVR 1.68, ovr for android and the latest and greatest UFPC. I am not suing XR, but older legacy Unity inputs. Building for teh quest 1, but i assume the inputs are the exact same ont he quest 2 as mt last app ran fine in both.

I cannot for the life of me get the free motion walking going in vr. I can get the arm swing to work and can walk around, but nothing else. It feels like the buttons are not mapping through on the controllers.
Nolan one hand dose not move when I try that in the demo and I can't get the two hand controller to move or pickup weapons or the like.

Although one handed nolan does switch hands with a trigger pull so it does seem like buttons are mapped in the legacy unity inputs.

So I'm not sure what I am missing on the configs. The head tracking and actual hands track in space perfectly, just no button functionality on the controllers it seems.

Anyone have any pointers or things I should check?