Purple Eye

Lots of technical work lately, not much progress has been done on the main story as a result. Still, most of it was necessary work, here are a few videos of what was implemented during that time !

Lastly, here's the very first shootout I'm showcasing, with enemies taking cover. There's a lot of work ahead with enemies, I still need to give them correct aiming which is not easy without a working Final IK integration, and to have them drop their currently held weapon when they die. AI is also going to be a hard task but the Deathmatch AI Kit's trees should be useful examples to build upon !

Hello guys, here are some more videos or various new mechanics, enjoy !

The Toyota Supra comes from the ArchVizPRO Photostudio asset, unfortunately the wheels aren't well positioned and I still need to fix that, but apart from that it works very well with Realistic Car Controller and FastSkill's Ultimate Seating Controller.

This will need somo polishing, especially for the visual effects, but the basic mechanic of this flashbang works - its Explosion component activates a stun state which in turns enables and activates a stun ability and animation, which leaves the enemy defenseless for a few seconds. Adventure Creator is used to make a single enemy play a scream sound effect and display a dialogue line.

I'm very satisfied of these simple holsters, it's a shame I didn't try this feature sooner, it finally makes Ethel look like the killing machine she's supposed to be, and also helps give a heavier and more realistic feeling, if you ignore the way she backflips indifferently to the weight upon her body !

I'll be working some more on the Toyota and UIS next, and plan to make a level similar to Half Life 2's buggy sections. Hopefully I'll be able to release an updated demo in November. Thanks for your attention and have a good day <3
Hey everyone, here are some more videos to share the project's progress !

Still a lot of grayboxing and mechnics work, the main story isn't progressing at the moment I must confess, but after some AI work I hope I'll be able to release a new demo with an additional level by the end of this month, wish me luck !
Hey guys, I'm sorry to say that progress has been slow lately due to some life issues. Nonetheless, here are a few videos as usual. Still a lot of grayboxing, my main task at the moment is the enemy AI. Behavior Designer keeps proving extremely useful, I hope I'll soon be able to complete a basic enemy AI that can patrol around, chase the player and shoot him from any distance, and receive various orders.

Hope you like it ! I wasn't able to release a new demo for this month, I sure as hell intend to do so by the end of this year.