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I'm experiencing an issue with the integration between PuppetMaster and UCC, and I was hoping for some advice or tips on how to resolve it:

The issue: The bullets fired are not hitting PuppetMaster's ragdoll colliders due to the UCC capsule collider. Moreover, the bullets need to hit both colliders: PuppetMaster's ragdoll collider for the physics effects and the capsule collider for the Health component to register the damage. How can this be handled?

Thank you!
Right now this will take a new Item Impact module. The default module will stop at the first penetrating collider and it's not possible for it to hit both.
Okay, thank you for your quick response.

I managed to get it to work by removing the Character and SubCharacter layers and adding Ragdoll and Collison layers from the shooter module's impact layer, and then adding my own script to each of PuppetMaster's children (arms, legs, head, etc.).

Basically, what happens now is that the bullets no longer hit the character's capsule. Instead, they hit PuppetMaster's colliders, which then apply the ragdoll physics via the script and also call <Health>().Damage of the UCC character to apply the damage.

I don't know if this is the right way to do it, but it worked for me.

Thanks to this post: https://www.opsive.com/forum/index....puppet-not-responding-to-being-attacked.4940/
How are you finding Puppetmaster with UCC v3 integration?, we are looking to purchase Puppetmaster but Pärtel from Rootmotion mentioned he was not able to get PuppetMaster integration to work with V3 just yet. so we are thinking of holding off on the PM purchase. Have you had success with using PM with UCC v3?
When did he say that? The last that I tried it was working with version 3. He did do the PuppetMaster integration though so maybe something has changed?
Hey Justin,

Was chatting with him last week. so if Puppetmaster works with the latest integration released from Rootmotion maybe we could use it then, you don't have any issues using PM with UCC v3? i like the sounds of that.

Below is the last message from Pärtel


, said 3 days ago


I used to make integration packages to UCC, but after they kept breaking the integration with big changes to their API and to how their stuff worked in general with every update, I had to give up a while ago, sorry. I was not able to get PM to work with their v3.

Oh, interesting. I know at one point it was working with version 3. There really haven't been too many API changes recently, I'll contact Partel and see what doesn't work. It could be a Puppeta Mster feature that I'm not familiar with.