Problem with grenades.

Diego Fabre

New member
I clarify again that our game is a 4-player local Party-Game using the same PC. With this clear, the problem is that when players 2, 3 and 4 try to throw a grenade, they do it towards where player 1 is looking. The question is, what configuration or script do I have to modify to fix this problem?
Another clarification: all the weapons work perfectly.
This sounds related to the look source again. Take a look at the Projectile Thrower GetThrowDirection method for a debug starting point.
In thorwerModule.cs I modified the GetThrowPoin and GetThrowDirection functions so that they return values relative to each player but I still have the same problem. Neither function uses LookSourse
GetThrowDirection is used for determining the direction that the object should be thrown. You could place a breakpoint here and trace it to where the projectile is initialized in order to see what vector it is retrieving.