Possible Real Time Strategy applications?


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Thank you for making these great products. I've only started using them. In addition to first person shooter games, one type of game I would like to make is a real time strategy game. I can see how some of the existing products have features that are useful in real time strategy games. Have people been using Opsive products to make real time strategy games? Or are there plans to make a product that is intended for use as a starting point in real time strategy games? In my opinion, the Unity app store doesn't really have one set professional rts product available with quality comparable to Opsive products. Then again, I haven't purchased every single one of them to find out either.


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Behavior Designer has been used for RTS games more so than the character controller. A RTS unit really can be simplified compared to high fidelity of the character controller. Since you'd want to be able to have thousands of units on screen I would look at using something like DOTS to really get the most out of the system.