Please clarify XR Setup for Unity 2019.3 for Oculus rift.


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please can you update and/or clarify how to setup the VR add on correctly for Oculus rift on Unity 2019.3?

From Unity version 2019.3 onward there is the "XR Plugin Management" and this should be used to setup a VR scene.

But in you video on how to setup a project, you use Unity 2019.2 and the now out dated "Virtual reality supported" option.

Is your plug in only working with "Virtual reality supported" or also with "XR Plugin Management" ?

And do I need to install "Oculus Integration" from the asset store?

Please give me some usefull instruction for Unity 2019.3 and Oculus rift to work,

thank you


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Thank you for your response.

In the mean time I tried both options, with "Oculus XR Plug in" my hands ended up about 1 meter above my head. When I switched back and used "Virtual Reality supported" it was back to normal. I will try again the Oculus XR plug in and use an offset if needed.