Picked weapon not visualized in other clients


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I have a problem to visualize a picked weapon that a character equips as an item pickup. Here are the steps I follow:

1. Create an assault rifle pick-up using the instructions in the runtime pickup creation video
2. Setup the pickup, the character and the scene to use pun, according to the pun setup series
3. Characters are correctly spawned through the network and they can shoot each other, causing damage. Problem is that the rifles are not visible in the 'oponent's' hands, though the animation of rifle holding and shooting is correctly displayed.

In the pic below: to the right - the first person player with picked rifle in one game instance: to the left - the same player in the other game instance, with hands in shooting animation, but the gun is not visible.


I ran through the pun setup series several times and am pretty sure that I followed accordingly all steps (though the example there is with a bow). Despite, rifle image is not spawned through the network. What might be the reason?

I am using:
- Unity version 2019.2.15f1
- UCC: 2.2
- Pun multiplayer add-on: 1.1


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I would first update to the latest version of the character controller and the add-on as there have been a number of fixes and it may solve this. It looks like though the weapon is either being assigned to the wrong layer or has an invisible shadow castor material. When you create your character and weapon make sure you follow these videos:



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Hello Justine,

Thank you very much for the prompt guidance!
Your second suggestion turned correct - layer was "Default" and the material was the invisible shadow caster for the third-person runtime item. Changing it directly in the inspector did the job.

Now, going back to rerun the videos and see where the mess came from! :)